Aerial shots by drone

Video and aerial photography using drones can produce incredible images and unique shots for your shoots, reports or cinematographic shots.
Using Drone technology, SkyCam Tunisia offers you to produce broadcast video images (Full HD, 2K, 4K) and HR photographic images. Thanks to the stabilization systems integrated into our drones, the image remains perfectly stable and it is possible to frame (Tilt Pan) using the remote control dedicated to the cameraman. All our drones are equipped with video feedback on the ground via an HF link and projected on an LCD screen. We provide you with different drone configurations and models, most of which are designed in our workshop. They are the result of many hours of research and testing.



  • Lower cost compared to renting a helicopter.
  • Unpublished and spectacular images.
  • Rapid installation of the system.
  • Optimal stability of the planes.
  • Possibility to program movements (GPS).



Weather conditions have a direct influence on the drone and the quality of camera movements. The maximum acceptable wind speed for smooth motion is 20 km / h. For the photo, the limit is pushed to 40km / h. Beyond that, the number of planes that can be exploited per flight will be considerably reduced. No flight possible if rain, snow, thunderstorm or wind gust.


Aerial work using a drone is subject to safety rules. Safety of people around equipment and appliances is a priority. Also, we will avoid as much as possible that the drone does not fly over crowds or inhabited areas without prior authorization.


In Tunisia the aerial shootings by Drones are compulsorily subject to strict authorizations issued by several authorities of the state, for this SkyCam Tunisia takes care of the files to obtain these authorizations as soon as possible.